Daylight’s Slimline table lamp has reached new heights with the introduction of the Slimline Floor Lamp. This lamp offers the ultimate in design and flexibility for those who love to craft from their comfy sofa or favourite armchair. More importantly, its flexible neck ensures the 11w Daylight™ tube can be directed exactly where you need it, giving you the best results each time!

Patch workers, quilters, knitters and crafters alike will now be able to benefit from a lamp suitable for any project you decide to take on! It makes it much easier for you to work with fine details and simplifies difficult colour matching. It can also be raised to brighten up even the darkest of craft corners!

If you are seeking a fabulous looking lamp for your home then the luxurious brushed chrome style of the Slimline fits in perfectly with any home interior and enables every crafter to work in style! Meanwhile, the incredibly slim design doesn’t get in the way like some other cumbersome craft lamps. The Daylight™ energy saving tube supplied with the lamp is low-heat and flicker-free, giving you the best light ever to work with details and colours.

You will never experience a more comfortable light for your eyes, and will be surprised at how much longer and later you can craft without eye strain or tired eyes!